The Parkdale Avenue Plan: Let’s Start Here (with these 7 actions)

The Parkdale Avenue Corridor Plan prepared by a team from McGill University’s School of Urban Planning, identifies 34 actions to be taken in support of 8 principles of good planning.  In order to get the community discussion going, here are seven possible projects from the full list that could offer a starting point for changing the way people experience Parkdale Avenue:

PROJECT 1: Prohibit Parkdale truck traffic: improve signage and enforcement related to no trucking rules along Parkdale (Parkdale Plan Principle #7. Discourage automobile dominance on the street)

PROJECT 2: Encourage the BIA to promote Parkdale Avenue: Treat Parkdale as an important gateway to Wellington Street West businesses. (Parkdale Plan Principle #4. Promote local businesses and artists.)

PROJECT 3: Create identity by celebrating the area’s shared history: Signage placed throughout the corridor; Banners placed along the street (Parkdale Plan Principle #5. Promote development that maintains the area’s character)

PROJECT 4: Enhance the Queensway underpass: install attractive murals or mosaics to enliven the walls of the underpass; pedestrian advance signals, textured cross-walks, and enhanced lighting along the underpass; Refinish the façade of the overpass facing Parkdale. (Parkdale Plan Principle #1. Create an attractive and enjoyable street experience)

PROJECT 5: Enhance the pedestrian experience along Parkdale: Widen the sidewalks, provide more tree cover, and introduce public art. (Parkdale Plan Principle #1. Create an attractive and enjoyable street experience)  PROJECT 6: Support Cycling along Parkdale: Connect the Ottawa River recreational pathway to Wellington Street West with a bike path; Extend the NCC Sunday Bikedays from the Ottawa River Parkway along Parkdale to Wellington (in conjunction with the Preston Street BIA). (Parkdale Plan Principle #6. Promote and support sustainable modes of transportation)

PROJECT 7: Create strong links between the Parkdale, the Experimental Farm and the River: Transform the entrance to the Experimental Farm into a landmark; Create a public place where Parkdale meets the river  (Parkdale Plan Principle #3. Increase and enhance green space)


2 responses to “The Parkdale Avenue Plan: Let’s Start Here (with these 7 actions)

  1. All of these ideas sound positive, my hope is to someday (sooner than later) see Parkdale Market become more of a destination like Landsdowne in the summer with more artisan/farmer products.

  2. I read through the entire report. Most of the ideas are good. However, widening Parkdale for bike lanes and widening the sidewalks is a horrible idea. Wider road, wider sidewalk = a lot more pavement and less green gardens. Making Parkdale a lot uglier and less inviting. Carling Ave is wide. Wide =/= good eco-friendly green street.

    I’ve biked as my principal mode of transportation in Ottawa for over 30 years, I live on Parkdale and bike to work every day, I don’t have any issues with biking on Parkdale. There’s other fish to fry and ideas that involve less pavement would be better.

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