Dear Friends of Parkdale Avenue:

In 2009, Creative Neighbourhoods engaged a team of Urban Planning students from McGill University to produce a plan for Parkdale Avenue. The Parkdale Avenue Corridor Plan identifies long-, medium – and short-term opportunities & actions, relating to local issues such as land use, streetscaping, traffic management, and air quality monitoring.

With your input, a draft Plan was prepared and presented in December at Parkdale United Church, and finalized by the McGill Team shortly thereafter.

Where do we go from here? Well, it is an election year in 2010. So…

Your active involvement is needed to achieve the following:

  1. Review the report and presentation to identify some of our favourite projects
  2. Deliver a short presentation to the City Councillor, the BIA and the local community associations to encourage the implementation of these projects
  3. Support ongoing communication among the Friends of Parkdale Avenue, by means of existing online social media, or a new Friends of Parkdale Blog

The Full Report, a Project Presentation and Project Presentation Boards are all posted here.

This web site also contains final reports and presentations of three earlierCreative Neighbourhoods/McGill School of Urban Planning projects in Hintonburg:

Fall 2008: Urban Greenspace Reclamation Concept

This project consisted of the creation of an inter-institutional green spacereclamation concept plan for an inner block greenspace in Ottawa’s Hintonburg neighbourhood. Specifically, the mandate involved configuring thephysical design of the greenspace, as well as the challenges of increasingaccessibility to a private space, dealing with security and safety within the space, and ensuring a harmonious co-habitation for all potential users.

In addition, the concept plan will addressed short, medium, and long-termoperation, maintenance, funding, and management schemes.

Fall 2007: Streetscape and Façade Design Guidelines for Wellington Street West

During the fall of 2007 Creative Neighbourhoods, in conjunction with a teamof Urban Planning students from McGill University and the Wellington Street West Business Improvement Area (B.I.A.) Steering Committee, set out to determine how property and business owners along the Wellington Street West corridor can make a positive impact on their neighbourhood through small scale streetscape and building façade design.

Fall 2006: Investigation into a GIS-based Community Monitoring System for the Wellington West Mainstreet District

In an effort to support local planning Creative Neighbourhoods (inconjunction with a team of Urban Planning students from McGill University)researched and proposed a GIS-based Community Monitoring System as a useful tool to facilitate communication between citizens and policy makers and to encourage local participation in the community’s development.

Yours sincerely,

Michel Frojmovic MCIP RPP President, Creative Neighbourhoods and Director, Acacia Consulting & Research

430 Parkdale Avenue,Ottawa ON K1Y 1H1


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